Mum fumes after being charged £31 for two bags of pick ‘n’ mix fudge at seaside festival

The mum walked away feeling stung after two bags of fudge from a pick ‘n’ mix stall cost her £31, and shared her tale online, where others commiserated over the expensive incident

Here’s a cautionary tale about checking the price before you part with your money.

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when you realise something is a lot more expensive than originally thought.

One mum was left feeling frustrated after a visit to a seaside food festival left her out of pocket.

Everyone loves pick ‘n’ mix – the joy of choosing your favourite sweets and piling up the bag high, ideally with some extra freebies pilfered along the way.

But you don’t expect to shell out a whopping £31 while doing so, as one mum was recently charged after filling two bags.

Sharing the tale on Mumsnet, she asked if that seemed like a reasonable price for the amount, with many people feeling that it was too expensive.

She wrote: “I was at a seaside festival with [my daughter] yesterday, and looked around the food stalls before we left. There was a pick & mix fudge stall, you fill your own bags and get them weighed.

“I picked a small selection for [my daughter] & I for the journey home, and a slightly bigger one for my parents, as we’re seeing them tonight.

“Lovely fudge – salted caramel, candyfloss, oreo, every flavour you could imagine, but I couldn’t believe it when asked for £31!! Paid wasn’t allowed to put any back, so we’ll make it last!”

She added: “It WAS delicious, I admit, but have learned my lesson!!”

After sharing her story on Mumsnet, others agreed that it seemed like it was overpriced.

One woman joked: “That takes the p***. I’d want a £20 note in my fudge for that.”

“That’s extortion. I just would have walked away, to be honest. These kinds of places are banking on people being too embarrassed so just will hand over money,” wrote another.

A third added: “We did the same thing at a sweet stall at a Christmas market. £18 for a bag of pick and mix that I could have got from Poundland for a fiver

Lots of people sympathised and shared their experiences of being stung while buying olives at a market.

One Mumsnet user wrote: “I’ve been stung by one of these ripoff merchants on ‘artisan’ stalls, about 20 years ago at a food fair. Olives, of course.

“It’s a shame because it’s made me suspicious of all stallholders; unless their prices are clear, I won’t even approach.”

Another commented: “I was stung by some olives at a farmers market a while ago. It worked out as literally £1 per olive.”