Roof-surfing Lurcher dog baffles onlookers after being spotted on top of terraced houses

The unusual sight had people in Aberdare, Wales, scratching their heads at how the dog had come to be there as he happily wagged his tail from atop the terraced house

If you saw a dog on a rooftop, you’d probably be straight on the phone to the fire brigade calling for some very tall ladders.

But neighbours of a Lurcher living in Wales are now used to his daily roof surfing, watching the world go by from the top of a row of terraced houses.

In a video posted to TikTok by Cari Edwards, the curious canine is standing on the roof wagging his tail, seemingly just enjoying the view!

The video app user hashtagged the post #howdiditgetthere and #typicalvalleys.

The comments section was filled with people asking how on earth the dog wound up on the roof – but apparently it’s a daily occurrence for the sighthound, who lives in Aberdare.

Cari commented on her own video to say she believes the dog accesses the roof from a back extension.

Upon realising the dog wasn’t stuck or in danger, people were quick to make light of its antics.

One commenter said: “He’s called Rolex – he’s the WATCHdog!”

Another added: “It’s a dog on a woof”, as a third suggested he change his name to “Rufus”.