Apartment has people feeling ‘seasick’ over layout and unsure how to get furniture in

A social media user has gone viral after sharing a tour around a rather bizarrely laid out apartment in New York City, that has left viewers feeling ‘sick’ and ‘mad’

When you move into a new place, you want it to feel like home – it’s a place that’s comfortable, where you can relax.

But after seeing one apartment that’s currently on the market in New York City, it’s clear that many people would not find it easy setting up house there.

A TikTok user has shared a video tour around the bizarre space, which is laid out in a way that’s made viewers feel “mad” and “seasick”.

Others claimed they would have no clue how to get furniture into the property due to all the sharply angled twists and turns inside.

The video was posted by a social media user named @rentnewyork who claims the apartment in Washington Heights is available to rent for $2,950 a month – which is around £2,128.

At the start of the clip, the video says: “Tell me you can’t make a good layout, without telling me…”

It then shows the front door opening into an incredibly narrow hallway that gets tighter as it goes around a corner into a living space with a tiny kitchen in one corner.

The clip continues through two bedrooms and a bathroom with most of the rooms going to an awkward point at one end.

The video was captioned: ‘My head is hurting.”

It has since been viewed over five million times on TikTok and shared onto other platforms such as Twitter where it has also caused a stir.

People felt very strongly about the apartment, with one person saying: “I feel seasick after watching this.”

Another replied: “The layout of this apartment I will never live in makes me so mad…”

A third wrote: “Someone said they wanted ‘a cute apartment’ and the designer heard ‘acute apartment’.”

“Imagine coming home drunk and trying to find your room,” proclaimed someone else.

Others were confused by the prospect of furnishing the place.

“Sitting here trying to figure out how you get any large furniture down that hallway/around the corners,” wrote a different user.

A second added: “I was gonna say how the fk do you get a couch in there but never mind, there’s nowhere to put one anyway because there’s a f*ing 45 angle wall every 3 feet.”